Leadership Team

Mike Scher

As co-founder, CEO & Chief Demand Creation Architect for FRONTLINE Selling, Mike is the heart and soul of our company, passionately driving our sales and strategic growth with undying commitment. Mike spent 18 years in enterprise technology sales, half with JD Edwards where he was a frequent Presidents’ Club winner, driving enterprise transactions with companies such as ABB, GE Nuclear, Ryland Homes, The Rouse Company, Bovis Worldwide and Foster Wheeler.  In 2002, Mike and his business partner, Dan McCann, founded FRONTLINE Selling, understanding that one of the secrets to successful selling is the ability to tell your story to the right people more times – and certain that they had developed a proven, repeatable process to make that happen for their clients.  Our remarkable success has proven them right.

Dan McCann

As co-founder & Chief Operations Officer, Dan keeps the operations side of the business running at a non-stop pace, with the drive and innovation to take us into our second decade.  Dan brought over 10 years of successful enterprise sales experience with him to the company that included a combined $60M in corporate travel sales in a three-year period.  During the company’s first decade, Dan has led the development and operational launch of two separate and highly successful lines of business within the company, achieving triple digit growth for six consecutive years.  Clients such as Oracle, Microsoft, VMware, and Airport Marketing have successfully built market share and prospecting effectiveness from the programs delivered under Dan’s guidance. 

Cherie Stowe

As CMO & Chief Customer Advocate, Cherie is the passionate leader and champion of our brand and brings a wealth of business experience to our company. Prior to joining us, Cherie was VP Marketing & Creative Services for 11Giraffes, leading the nation-wide sales and business development efforts with the Muzak franchisees, while directing the marketing and creative service teams. As SVP Operations for AT&T Canada Enterprises, Cherie’s enthusiasm and creativity drove the AT&T Canada brand with award winning advertising and extraordinary branded partnerships. Cherie was also a key member of the company’s senior negotiation team, responsible for over $6B in mergers and acquisitions.

Tom Ryder

As VP, Director of Sales, Tom joined FRONTLINE Selling in 2002 and instantly embraced the company’s innovative and successful approach to prospecting.  Tom brings more than 15 years of sales and business development experience.  He has been instrumental in helping to manage client relationships and in training and coaching thousands of sales executives to become exponentially more productive in their own prospecting activities. His lead-by-example style, and now famous “live-calling” demonstrations have had a powerful impact on our business success.  Tom continues to lead our sales and business development efforts with his proven track record, regularly exceeding his revenue goals.  

Kim Whitlow

As Director, Demand Center Operations, Kim leads our team of Demand Creation Executives, driving success for our clients every day.  Her outstanding team building and coaching skills, and ability to drive adoption and ritualization of the FRONTLINE Selling processes with her team members, consistently delivers exceptional results for our clients. Kim brings over 12 years of experience in inside sales where she consistently exceeded quota year over year.  Kim was a key contributor to the Acquisitions Sales Team at Grainger, onboarding and managing client relationships with new clients.  Her ability to successfully align with the key decision makers and initiate relationships consistently led to increased sales opportunities.

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