increase sales opportunities
with more meaningful conversations

we exist to make prospecting easy & predictable

Only FRONTLINE generates Authentic Leads for your team by creating a Meaningful Interaction (MI) – A meaningful conversation, with a meaningful person, at a meaningful time.

end your pipeline anxiety

Starting the sales cycle is harder than ever before. It requires more time, outreach and patience to reach and engage your prospects—and that’s our expertise. Using our precise, consistent process, our team creates first conversations (Meaningful Interactions to us!) for your reps so they can generate quality pipeline.

Our Team Creates The Meaningful Interaction (MI)

we guide your reps on effective MI execution

they convert it and close it

experience the relief of effective outbound lead generation

Sales reps eagerly await MI’s because they trust that the conversation will be a 20-30 minute calendared conversation with a meaningful person, at a meaningful time, inside a target account.

create an effective message

Your marketing message is translated into a unique message designed for Outbound Lead Generation, resonating with personas that matter to you. We connect with the right people by talking to your prospects in the way they view their challenge.

protect your brand

High-quality touchpoints and professional brand representation are the cornerstones of our outreach. Consistent, controlled message delivery builds value and elevates brand awareness inside your target accounts.

finding your meaningful person

Our technology-driven process leverages the “Social DNA” of an organization. We uncover their framework by navigating through multiple titles and gaining internal referrals to find the “CEO of the Business Problem You Solve”.
“If we had to pick one word to describe FRONTLINE, it would be effectiveness. There are many lead generation companies that try to do what FRONTLINE does, but they don’t have the proven methodology to set them apart.”
Jerry McKenzie, MedAssist, Director of Marketing and Sales Operations

hear from a current client as he describes how Meaningful Interactions drove a 240% increase in pipeline.

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We serve all complex B2B sales solutions, with specialization in Healthcare, FinTech,
Software/IT Solutions, and Consulting.

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