5 Things Every Rep Must Do When Using LinkedIn for Sales

Once upon a time, LinkedIn was the go-to resource for networking to find your next career opportunity. While it’s still a highly effective way of job-seeking (and being sought!), using LinkedIn for sales prospecting is quickly becoming its primary purpose—and for good reason. LinkedIn has more than 562 million users in 200 countries. There are a lot of prospects out there, just waiting to learn more about your solution! But how do you reach, engage and prospect on LinkedIn? Here are 5 things you should add to your to-do’s each and every week to increase your reach, establish yourself as a thought-leader and connect with potential buyers.

1. Connect with everyone you meet.  

Whether you strike up a conversation with someone at Starbucks or you’re introduced at a cocktail party, follow up every encounter with a connection request. It doesn’t matter if that person appears to be a potential prospect or not—the average LinkedIn user has over 900 connections, so it’s highly likely one of THEIR connections needs your solutions. It’s like your modern-day business card!

2. Choose 1 current connection to reach out to.

Think about how many connections you have that you haven’t engaged with in years. Maybe they weren’t a prospect then but they are now (i.e. you’ve changed jobs—or they have.) Back in the day, people connected with others but never really knew how to start a conversation, or whether that was even appropriate. But today it’s completely acceptable—and almost expected. Search your network for someone who may be a fit for your products and services and reach out. If you’re wary of coming off ‘sales-y’, choose someone with whom you have/had a personal connection and get comfortable with your approach.

3. Aim to share more video.

Video is getting the largest amount of views/engagement on all social media these days. And when you’re using LinkedIn for sales, your ultimate goal is reaching the largest number of people possible through your network. To share video, you have a couple of options here:

·      Record a short ‘selfie-style’ video providing a quick tip or a personal business story

·      Share a high-performing video on LinkedIn to expand the number of people you reach (but be sure the share is highly relevant to your line of work!

It may seem awkward to do your own videos, but people love to consume 30 second – one minute videos. They get a personal connection, a bit of information and they didn’t really do a thing but listen.Video is taking the world by storm, so this tip applies to all social and digital media.

4. Follow all your prospects and their companies.

When you follow your prospects and see what they share, you gain insights into their solutions. (For example, if you follow anyone from FRONTLINE Selling, you’ll see the majority of shares are around prospecting, cold calling vs. social selling, creating more opportunities, enabling sales for success, etc. You’d know pretty quickly what we do for our clients.) When you engage with insights, you keep your name in front of them, which is a non-intrusive way of connecting when deals have stalled. In addition, following, commenting and sharing content from other key players elevates your awareness in the organization and allows you to be multi-threaded. Being single-threaded in a prospect account makes your job much more challenging.

5. Follow your clients!

Sometimes reps get focused on only using LinkedIn for sales prospecting. Don’t forget about the all-important renewal. Your relationship is not over after you make the sale you should be engaging with your contacts and sharing their content whenever appropriate to stay ‘top of mind’. You may also help them widen their network reach, or provide them with a referral that turns into new business. (That certainly can’t hurt your chances come renewal time!)

One last note here. Consistency is key with all these activities. I am not promising that if you do these 5 things for 3 weeks you’ll earn new business. Social selling is a marathon, not a sprint. So be consistent. Be patient. Opportunities will come.

If you’d like more information on how to more effectively leverage social in your selling process, contact us today. Staccato Social acts as your coach, guiding you to take the social actions each day that drive maximum results.