Sales tools are essential to enabling your team to be successful at their job. Whether it’s the CRM to track and measure opportunities or an employee advocacy tool to amplify your brand, they only work when they’re being worked.

The biggest challenge we’re hearing is that adoption of these tools is much lower than expected and as a result, the ROI isn’t visible.

Here are 5 actions you can take that will increase adoption of the tools in your sales stack and in return increase productivity and top line results.

  1. Convey the ROI. When providing training on the tools, don’t make it about feature functionality alone but about the ROI of using the tool. Of course the team needs to know how to use the tools, but to get salespeople to buy into the time investment, they need to know how it’s going to have an impact on their production. If they don’t understand the “why” to use the tools they aren’t going to take the time to use them.
  2. Share success stories. Be vocal about the successes you hear from the utilization of these tools. Just like your clients want to hear your successes and case studies to believe your services are worth using, your reps want to hear the case studies of these tools – so they can visualize how they can use them to get similar results.
  3. Make it part of their KPIs. If you don’t expect it from them, they won’t see it as a priority. Make sure part of what you’re measuring is the use of the tools in the stack. And have specific goals that they can easily implement, achieve and get credit for. Review the KPIs in your weekly or monthly one-on-one’s.
  4. Incentivize them. As the saying goes, every stick needs a carrot. Whether it’s through a contest or directly effecting bonus, make sure there’s more reason than “because you told them to” to implement the sales tools.
  5. Create a hub to access all the tools from one place. It’s a challenge for reps to have to log in to 3, 4, or 5+ different tools every day. Make it simple for them. Have one tool that drives adoption to all the other tools.

PeopleLinx, a guided sales tool, reminds reps what to do and when to do it based on triggers in the sales process. We not only drive a significant uptick in adoption of tools in the sales stack, but also drive a real, measurable impact on sales deals. There is no better way to show ROI on your sales stack.

If you’re having challenges getting your sales team to adapt the tools you’ve provided, let’s talk. Contact our team here or me directly at konell@peoplelinx.com.