The latest census data shows that there are a combined 5.62 million inside and outside sales reps in the United States. That number is expected to hit 6 million by 2020.

And according to James W. Phillips, a Business Intelligence Analyst with, the average annual spend on Sales Acceleration tools per rep across all company sizes is $2280. Companies with 2500 or more employees spend an average of $7030 PER REP per year and companies with annual revenue over 3 million spend 78% more than the average at $4052 each.

So the question is, “are you keeping up with the corporate Joneses?” and is that what this massive increase in Sales Acceleration spend is all about? If you don’t adopt and adopt early will you be left behind to watch your competition rule your market space?

The real question you should be asking is whether you know which SA technologies are the right solution for your business challenges. You should be able to draw a direct correlation between the solution and the results you are looking for and ultimately an increase in revenue.

I’ll be devoting a great deal more time in the near future to helping you understand exactly which tools you should adopt and which you should steer clear of.

In the meantime, here are a couple of resources that will get you started:

This short video is an excerpt of a webinar between myself and my VP of Marketing, Colin Daymude. In less than 6 minutes you will get a detailed view of the Sales Acceleration Landscape.

Here’s a blog post on the Three Most Common Sales Acceleration Tools

For the past 12 years, FRONTLINE Selling has studied over 1.8 million outreach efforts. The result is an ability to draw a direct line between prospecting activities and pipeline growth.

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