B2B Lead Generation Hacks to Get Through the Summertime Sales Slump

When your best prospects are on vacation in the summertime, leads may be a little harder to come by, and communication can sometimes slow to a halt. Even though the summertime sales slump can be discouraging, use this time and the following hacks to go full force with your efforts in outreach and preparing for the coming season’s rush.

  1. Prepare for Summertime Surprises: Getting yourself ready for the coming sales climate (or lack thereof) will help your weather weaning opportunities. The best way to do this is by communicating with your prospects early on and asking about their summer plans. This way, you’ll be ready when you receive that out-of-office automated response.
  2. Use Past Summer Trends to Tackle the Present: Do your research and analyze sales trends from the previous summer to see who was buying, who wasn’t and why. This way, you can pinpoint and address any extra factors in the downturn that aren’t related to the summertime slump.

Save the Super Low-Productivity Days for Other Stuff: You’ll need to understand and accept that, on certain days in the already slow summer, selling and making new connections will be at its most difficult. Think summer holidays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Go ahead and set aside these days in your calendar for the tasks you typically procrastinate on and get them off your to-do list..

  1. Build Relationships on Social: Summertime deals often move more slowly due to the vacation schedules of the multiple decision-makers who are involved. But while there aren’t many quick and done deals, there are relationships to cultivate. This is a great time to commit to your social selling. Even when prospects are on vacation, they often still search social and spend more time reading and scrolling. You should do this year-round, but summer is a great time to add consistency to your social outreach.
  2. Set Small, Realistic Goals: This time of year, you don’t want to set your sights on large, unattainable summer goals that will only stress you out. Save those for the fall and winter rush. Right now, set some smaller, more achievable goals to sustain sales activity that will keep you hopeful and looking ahead.
  3. Stay Alert Using Technology: Google alerts can keep you updated on what your prospects’ companies are up to. If you have Sales Navigator, you can save leads and get alerts on their activity, as well. In particular, pay attention to announcements for new hires because people in new roles are more likely to buy new products and services in their first 6 months!
  4. Make Sure You’re Available: Even though your prospects may be less available, you can get a leg up on the competition by making yourself available more often and communicating that to your prospects in active sales cycles. Sometimes timing is everything! Try a scheduling app to stay organized and available for appointments when they’re ready.
  5. Lastly, Nurture Existing Relationships: While this seems similar to growing long-lasting relationships, it’s a little different. Existing clients keep your business going; don’t get so preoccupied trying to find new clients that you ignore current ones. Use this as a time to nurture your clients who have committed time and time again to ensure their continued business in the future.

Skate through the Summer with Staccato Sales

Getting through the summer sales low is much easier when leaning a little on technology and expert software. This summer, you can utilize the Staccato Sales Prospecting Process and learn how to execute effective prospecting and sales activities at every stage of the cycle. A little help from us could help you make time for your own vacation.