Right now, sales is more challenging than ever. Perhaps you’re used to a steady stream of inbound leads that have all but disappeared. Maybe some of your opportunities have stalled because of budget freezes. But if your pipeline is drying up, you’re not alone.

What’s a rep to do? The answer is one most reps hate: PROSPECT.

I know – so many people are working from home and it’s difficult to get in touch with people. Some people are rude and lambaste you for reaching out during this time. But you just have to keep going because you can’t afford to NOT be in market!

Here are some tips to help you be more effective in your business development efforts:

1) Mix Up Your Outreach

This is number one on our list for a reason. To reach your prospects and get their attention, you have to break through the ‘noise’ of all the messages they are bombarded with each day. Yes, this can be done via digital (or social) selling, emails or human to human communication (phone or face-to-face). But the most effective way is through a combination of all three.  Although the cold calling vs. social selling debate rages on, that’s not really the debate. Our study of 1.8 million outreach efforts showed that a mix of these approaches will ensure you the greatest success. You simply can’t rely on one outreach method because:

  1. Your prospects won’t tell you which communication vehicle they prefer
  2. The repetition of your message and your brand through various mediums builds familiarity and increases the likelihood of a response
  3. Fewer people are receiving phone calls remotely
  4. Inboxes are overflowing because that’s the most efficient way to reach out

When deciding which type of outreach is best, remember #AllOfTheAbove.

2) Keep Going!

Did you know that it takes on average 8-12 outreach efforts to connect with your potential buyers? Most reps execute between 1-2 attempts before they give up. You will rarely sell on the first, second or third point of contact with your lead. The more you contact your lead, the higher chance you will have of securing that all-important first conversation. 

3) Voicemail: Yes or No?

It is frustrating when you get someone’s voicemail isn’t it? But, what if we told you that leaving a voicemail can help you obtain a sale? Some reps question whether or not leaving a voicemail is necessary – the answer is ‘yes’. But you need to leave a GOOD voicemail.

Here are your voicemail rules:

  • State your first and last name, and the company you’re calling from
  • State the purpose of your call (to set a time to discuss your solution)
  • Deliver your value proposition, which is a statement of how your solution will help your prospect solve a likely challenge
  • Provide two days and times you’d be available for a call to discuss your solution in more detail
  • Repeat your name and company, and leave your contact number
  • Keep it short

4) Don’t assume companies won’t buy right now.

We’ve all heard what happens when you assume…But now more than ever,  you cannot assume that your prospect won’t be able to purchase at this time. You don’t know what is happening within their organization and what you think may be the worst time to call, may very well be the best for them. Have confidence in your solution! If you believe you can help them solve a problem, then by all means you should continue reaching out.

5) Consistency is key.

 In everything, especially sales and marketing, consistency is consummate with success. Your message and value propositions should always be the same, no matter who you are reaching out to and who you are trying to sell to. As mentioned earlier, your leads will be more likely to buy from you if they can trust you. Consistency sells more than you can imagine. If your message is consistent, your customer is going to trust you will deliver, thus ensuring your leads convert to sales.

Business development is hard during times like these – but it’s not impossible. We just closed a deal yesterday that had gone dark back in January. They reached back out to us because they realized it was critical to stay in market, now more than ever. As I said, never assume this isn’t a good time! Trust in your offering and stay consistent. Your efforts WILL pay off!

If you need help creating more quality pipeline, contact us. We can augment your business development efforts, enabling your team to focus on doing what they do best  – SELL!