Posted by Mike Scher
May 5, 2015 10:00:00 AM
expereince_staccato_for_screen-01Why we chose Staccato™.

As CEO for FRONTLINE Selling, I get to travel a fair bit and work with many great sales and sales development teams sharing the best practices within our Staccato software solution to optimize prospecting.When we describe our unique approach and talk about what makes Staccato effective, we frequently get asked why this prospecting software is called “Staccato”.  They assume that a musician was somehow involved in the name.

The reality is that none of the people involved in naming our product had any sort of serious musical background.  In addition to it being a really cool name, Staccato just fit really well.

For those of you who don’t know, staccato is a form of musical articulation. It signifies a note of shortened duration. Music that is played “staccato” is played in individualized, short, precise, distinct notes.

So, what does “staccato” have to do with prospecting software – what’s the connection?

Over the past 12 years, we have studied more than 1.8 million outreach efforts to determine the answers to questions that all sales and sales development people ask.  These include:

– Who do I contact first in an account?
– How should I contact (or touch) them (call, email, LinkedIn, etc.)?
– Should I leave voice messages? If so, what’s the best message to leave?
– Which touches have the most impact?
– How many touches over what period of time are the most effective?
– When should I follow up?
– How often should I follow up?

The result of our 1.8 million study clearly indicated that a very specific and precise multi-touch approach yields (by far) the highest results in enabling sales reps to set meaningful appointments with key decision makers.

As such, our software, which is designed to optimize prospecting is based on leveraging very precise, short, individualistic touch points ……….in other words, we like to say it’s, “Doin’ Staccato.

Do you Staccato?

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