Fourth in a 10-part series. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network, the profile is the cornerstone of every salesperson’s social media presence. It’s the digital business card, and the first page that comes up when a buyer “Googles” a rep.

This is your first big opportunity to deliver value to your reps. You’ll help them create personal brands that are genuine, compelling to buyers, and consistent with your company brand. Start this phase by designing how you want your reps’ social profiles to look. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before training your sales reps on how to make their online profiles even better.

  • Picture: What kinds of profile pictures do you want? Do you want to encourage uniformity v. personal expression?
  • Company name: What name do you want reps to use—full name or acronym? Include “inc.” and “corp.”?
  • Headline: Is there a standard structure you want employees to use (e.g., “Account Executive at YourCo”?)
  • Industry: What industry categorization should they use? Software consultant, Software sales, or Software?
  • Professional Summary: How would you like sales reps to talk about your company in their summaries? (Are there images or videos you’d like them to embed?)
  • Skills and Endorsements: Does your industry prohibit or allow skills and endorsements? Some industries love skills and endorsements, while others (e.g., law) prohibit them.

Expert Tip: Bring a professional photographer to internal sales meetings and take headshots to help your salespeople look even more professional on their social profiles.

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