Third in a 10-part series. Social selling is a foreign concept for many Salespeople. You are, quite literally, asking them to change the way they work. Position your social selling program as an employee benefit. You’re helping your team use tools and techniques that will make them better Salespeople. You’re helping them make quota. Communicate the value of social selling in three main points:

  • Social selling is important. Give reps the broader context and help them understand that their world is changing and they need to change with it.
  • Social selling helps reps make quota. Make it real: talk about their current sales process, help them envision a world where online social networks are part of that process. Invite high-performing reps to share stories about how they’ve used social to find a lead, get a meeting, or cultivate a relationship.
  • You’re launching a program. Describe the training and tools that you’ll be providing them, what they can expect, and when. Deliver these messages at a big splashy sales kickoff or in informal lunch-and-learns. Do it in person if everyone is together, or via webinar if your reps are distributed in the field. Whatever the medium, keep your communications short, direct, and to-the-point.

Expert Tip: Describe your social selling program as an employee benefit, not a sales requirement

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