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I am not a New England Patriots fan, but I do admire them.  Every season, players come and go yet the team’s results remain largely the same. (They have won their division 13 of the last 14 years. And well, there are those 6 Superbowls…) With the exception of a few superstars like Tom Brady, it’s as if every other player is interchangeable. Something other than talent alone produces such consistent results.

How about the Rockettes? They have been kicking their way into America’s hearts since 1925 and still produce an exciting, high-caliber show year after year. Starbucks is another shining example of consistency, as they deliver the same delicious coffees whether you’re in Boston or Bismarck. And we all know who to call when it ‘absolutely, positively has to be there overnight’—and it always is.

While each of these organizations function in completely different industries and environments, they are consistent symbols of excellence nonetheless. What makes these organizations great? Why do they thrive regardless of who is involved? They all have one thing in common: systems and processes that are proven to work.

Nothing left to chance Bill Belichick (head coach of the Patriots) wasn’t hired for his sparkling personality, nor was he hired to run ‘trial and error’ experiments. He was brought on because he has a system and process for EVERYTHING! Nothing is left to chance; nothing is ever a surprise and his team is ready for every eventuality. In other words, there is no deviating from the program. On the other hand, there are other coaches, organizations and entertainers that can’t seem to get out of their own way, changing team members, positions, strategies and goals willy-nilly. The difference in outcomes is striking (just ask the Cleveland Browns!).

Winning with consistency What if you could apply this winning strategy to your sales pipeline building and business development efforts? Do you think you could develop more consistent outcomes? I say ‘YES’.

Companies who struggle to hit sales quota have often failed to implement specific systems for converting leads into opportunities. When every sales rep does something differently, there is no way to predict outcomes—it is impossible for managers to identify positive behaviors to replicate across the team or negative ones that must be changed. The solution is to implement a disciplined, structured process that works regardless of who is using it. You’ll see consistent results whether your reps are still wet behind the ears or seasoned sales veterans.

Let me go back to Starbucks for a moment. Their baristas aren’t taught to ‘make a latte’. Every barista makes it the exact same way and this results in a consistent, tasty latte. So why are sales reps choosing their own business development strategy? That’s nothing more than gambling! Providing them with a ‘recipe’ and process to follow each and every time results in predictability and success—and that’s how an organization thrives.

The Bottom Line If you want your sales team as synchronized as the Rockettes, as consistently successful as the Patriots and as predictable as a Starbucks latte, stop gambling with your business development efforts. Implement proven pipeline building processes and watch your revenue—and your company—grow.

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