I’m too busy making excuses! How many times have you heard the excuses from your sales team for why they can’t cold call? As a sales rep myself I have seen and heard excuse after excuse as to why reps are unavailable (unwilling) to pick up the phone. Let’s take a walk through some of the most common excuses utilized in order to escape the dreaded phone.

Excuse #1:  Ugh . . . but boss . . . I’m entirely too busy trying to close this deal with the janitor!

Excuse #2: I’m terribly busy meeting with all of these other sales reps who filled out the Contact Us form and they said that they have the budget themselves! Excuse #3: Don’t worry boss, I’m on social media all day making sure that we are social selling.

Excuse #4: I heard the cold call was dead!

Excuse #5: According to this article I read, prospects only pick up the phone at 10:32 am on the third Tuesday of the month . . . don’t worry I put a calendar reminder to reach out at that time.

Excuse #6: I’m using this new tool you got us that gives the names, titles and email addresses of my prospects. I sent 300 emails this morning and some of them even opened it! I just know they will call me any second now.

Sound familiar? Well, let me be completely honest with you . . . Do you want to know what caused these excuses to exist? All of the tools that sales reps utilize on a daily basis plus ineffectiveness due to a lack of disciplined outreach. Examples: Power dialers, Predictive analytics, Email automation, Gamification

The art of prospecting and targeting new accounts has become so diluted and bogged down that reps now believe they can do everything without doing anything. While there is no doubt that these tools, when used properly, provide some efficiency aspects – what’s missing is a common sense approach that has been tested, that’s proven and that has stood the test of time. It goes back to the KISS doctrine which is “Keep It Simple Stupid”.

At FRONTLINE Selling we’ve studied over 1.8 million outreach efforts over the past 13 years and provided a predictable, teachable and repeatable prospecting methodology along with a technology to over 20,000 sales reps that takes the guesswork and fear out of prospecting and your reps daily routines. If you are serious about expanding your sales pipeline 200%-400% with highly qualified individuals who have a genuine interest in learning more about what you sell then give us a call today. 678-638-7300