Eighth in a 10-part series on how to mobilize your sales team on social. While statistics and charts may excite intellect, a good story captures the imagination. A consumer review survey found 88% read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. People feed off of the experience of others. Your organization is no different. As social selling activity accelerates in your organization, you’ll start hearing anecdotes about how social is helping reps source and close business. People will start saying things like:

“I used Twitter to land a meeting with a prospect who wasn’t returning my phone calls.” – Software sales rep

“Connecting with a current client on LinkedIn led directly to the referral of a new piece of work.” – Law firm partner

Capture these stories and share them with the rest of the team. Team meetings, company newsletters, video testimonials, and the company intranet are all great places to communicate the successes.

Authenticity matters above all else. Resist the urge to wordsmith or over-produce your success stories. Let Salespeople speak in their own voices to their friends and colleagues.

Expert Tip: An employee survey with a few open-ended questions is a great way to surface success stories, especially from the reps in the field.

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