New year, new outlook, new goals. As a salesperson, now is the ideal time to reflect and reassess – and light a fire within to become the best seller you can be! 

We’ve compiled 10 motivational quotes from some of the top sales industry influencers to help you kickstart the new year. Open your mind, read carefully, and jot down a few of your favorites that you can post in and around your desk to regularly inspire you. Let’s get started!

 “My goal with each person I meet is to earn the right, privilege, honor, and respect to be able to meet with that person again.” – Mark Hunter

 Successful selling derives from building strong relationships. You’re probably not going to sell a product or service to someone on your initial encounter, but a promising first impression will unlock future conversations. If a prospect respects you from the start and expects that working with you will be a privilege, you’re on your way to a potential sale. 


 “You need to be a true believer. You need to have great values. Buyers aren’t stupid. If you aren’t all in on what you are doing, people will really sense that. You need to be passionate about the difference you can make in customers’ lives with that solution you go and take to market.” – Tony Hughes

 First and foremost, you must believe in yourself. Secondly, you must believe in what you’re selling. A passionate salesperson is a confident salesperson. Make potential clients believe that you and your product will positively change the way they do business. 


“Here’s what it all boils down to: To become the differentiator, you need to always be learning.” – Jill Konrath 

Every sales attempt is a learning experience. If you convert the sale, what did you do right? If you don’t convert the sale, what can you do better next time? Learn from your successes and failures. Combine those lessons to become a differentiator. 


“You know what buyers pick as the differentiator in their decisions? The sales experience itself – what it’s like working with you during the course of all your interactions. They think this experience, as a whole, is more important than all the other factors combined.” – Jill Konrath 

A prospect’s initial interest is driven by what the service or product offers. From there, you are the differentiator! Whether your prospects realize it or not, your actions are greatly influencing their buying decision. 


“According to sales management expert Lee Salz, it takes a minimum of eight months for new salespeople to perform at the same level as their tenured colleagues – even if they’re experienced sellers.” – Jill Konrath

 If you are new to the sales world, don’t worry. The challenging profession warrants a substantial learning curve. Even if you bring notable sales experience to a new company, it’s going to take time to adjust to its systems, processes, and expectations. Give yourself a break by not stressing from the start. 


 “Your 20s are for learning, your 30s are for earning.” – Max Altschuler

 It takes time to become a successful salesperson, perhaps as long as a decade. But you’ll reap the financial benefits if you persevere and remain disciplined. Soak up all the information you can and fine-tune your craft at every job.


 “Once you demonstrate that you care and will go the extra mile to produce added value, your prospective clients will want you to succeed.” – Anthony Iannarino

 Imagine a situation in which a prospective client is rooting for YOU, the salesperson, to succeed. If you truly commit yourself to the lead, then that thrilling scenario might play out!


“True sales and marketing alignment is not about supporting sales – it’s about supporting a common revenue objective.” –Matt Heinz

 If the sales and marketing teams can selflessly operate with a single revenue goal in mind, the alignment of these two departments will be achieved.  


 “In its purest form, account-based marketing has been around forever. Account-based marketing is simply instead of fishing with nets, we’re fishing with spears. You identify exactly the prospects you want to do business with and then you market very precisely and narrowly to them directly.” – Matt Heinz

 Hone in on your target and attack! Marketing is most effective when your products and services are introduced to the people who have or will have a need for them. You won’t be very successful if you spear a bunch of yellowtails when your goal is to catch halibut. 


 “At any given time, only 3% of your market is actively buying. 56% are not ready, 40% are poised to begin. The job of marketing is to activate the 40% that are poised and convert them into paying customers.” – Matt Heinz

 Awake the 40% with your grand product and service offerings. Market to them before anyone else does. While many marketing firms will foolishly advertise to the 3% and 56%, your firm will hit the sweet spot!

We encourage you to take these sales quotes to heart as you begin a new year. An unclouded, direct approach will help as you gear up for the first quarter of 2020. FRONTLINE Selling will help steer you in the right direction as well.  We have the tools and expertise to assist individuals and teams in driving more sales. Begin with our Staccato Suite of Solutions.