Ask 100 sales people if they believe in a “multi-touch” approach to prospecting.  Most will likely say, “Yeah!”  The rest will say, “Heck yeah!”

Ask those same 100 sales people to define what they mean by a multi-touch approach, and they will either have an inquisitive look on their face or just respond in a cavalier fashion with something like, “Well, you know, calls and emails.”

The purpose of this multi-touch approach in prospecting is to find or create a sales cycle that will hopefully result in revenue.  It is a critical process.  If the definition your multi-touch process means different things to different people in your organization, then there is a good chance it means nothing to everyone.

The three essentials to an effective multi-touch approach are:

  1. Definition of a TOUCH:  Just as you have a common language around your sales cycle and sales stages (example: “demo stage”) that everyone understands, it is essential to do the same with your prospecting activities.  This starts with defining exactly a “touch” is.  Whatever your definition, be sure it is used consistently across the organization.  One example we commonly see is to define a touch as “any communication of my value proposition and call to action.”
  1. Delivery of a TOUCH:  Based on the definition above, what are practical vehicles to deliver the touches?   In the example above, examples of the ways we can delivery touches include:  voicemail, email, text message, direct conversation, etc.
  1. Managing TOUCHES:  If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  It is not sufficient to just define and categorize touches, you must have the systems in place where sales reps can easily and consistently track and manage the categories of delivery.  By doing so, you will drive consistency and be able to fine tune your multi-touch approach to drive greater outcomes.

While a multi-touch strategy to B2B prospecting is the best approach, it is only effective if it is well defined, consistently executed and managed effectively.  Doing so will repeatedly uncover new sales opportunities and help you sell more.

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