Posted by Mike Scher

May 7, 2015 3:40:00 PM

shutterstock_49157602It warms my heart to see the explosion in tools and technologies for sales people.  In particular, those that are primarily geared for the fasting growing segment of sellers….inside sales and business development.

For a long time, CRM solutions and Marketing Automation Platforms were the staples of every organization.  As inside sellers have become more prominent, so has the need to become more efficient and effective.  As such, there has been a corresponding growth of specialized tools, technologies and solutions ranging from sales intelligence tools, data capture and cleansing tools, social selling, content management and email tracking, calendaring, predictive lead management, scripting, dialers and many more.  The combined features and functions of these and others all contribute to the ever more popular “Sales Acceleration” space.

The good news about these tools and technologies is that they are generally highly configurable and allow you to develop, map and reflect your processes and way of doing business. The bad news is also that they are highly configurable and force you to develop, map and reflect your processes and way of doing business.

This leads to the question:  Should your prospecting or sales acceleration software have an attitude?   By “attitude” I mean should it have a bias or point of view on how best to use it?  How deep does that point of view permeate the software and how aligned is it in driving proven best practices?

Let’s look at Marketing Automation as an example.  These are generally highly configurable systems that intentionally have very little bias.  You can develop your own lead scoring algorithms and reports and make adjustments along the way.  While that is pretty cool, there is a lot of trial (and mostly) error in that process.

I don’t know if there are any of them out there, but what if there was a Marketing Automation Platform that had a specific, proven lead scoring system that you know would bubble up high quality leads?  In other words, what if it had an “attitude” —  would that be appealing?

What about prospecting software?   Do you know the right contact sequences?  Do you know exactly what metrics to track?  What are good results/outcomes?

Another example is social media tools.  Do you know how best to use them?  When does social media “research” become “stalking” or wasting time?

While these are some of the questions, only you can come up with the answers. To help you sort it out when it comes to Sales Acceleration solutions, the most important question you should ask is:
“Do I have a proven process for this activity or not?”

If the answer is “yes,” then buy the highly configurable solution, if the answer is “no,” look for software with a proven point of view, a bias. In other words — ”an attitude.”


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