Fifth in a 10-part series. Without connections, your sales reps’ social activity is like the proverbial tree falling in the forest, heard by no one. At the same time, quality matters more than size. Your reps need to connect with the right people to drive sales. Tools like LinkedIn and Twitter have auto-recommendation features that will prompt your salespeople to grow their networks. But those automated tools don’t know who your buyers are. Or your channels partners. Or industry influencers. You do.

Remind your Salespeople, on an ongoing basis, to use LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with individuals they already know who:

  • Work at companies where you’re trying to develop deeper relationships
  • Have job titles that fit your buyer profile
  • Are talking about topics that indicate consideration or buying intent As your Salespeople nurture these high-value connections, encourage them to leverage the connections they’ve made by listening, commenting, and posting original content.

Expert Tip: Remind and reiterate to your Salespeople that LinkedIn works better for deepening existing relationships and Twitter works better for creating new relationships.

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