Consistent, predictable sales revenue is the lifeblood of any B2B organization yet we all know how difficult that is to achieve. A full pipeline is the key to sales revenue and the greatest roadblock in sales is most often how to fill that pipeline. We all know that casting a wide net is rarely effective; place all the cold calls you want, but ringing up incompatible leads is a waste of everyone’s time. Sales simply don’t happen without measured, effective sales prospecting that targets the right people, with the right message, in the right way. Your company MUST have a successful sales prospecting model to grow.

What Is Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospecting is most easily defined as finding businesses that have not just the interest in your product, but also the money and desire to work with you, and converting those businesses from leads into prospects. The full scope of the concept, though, is slightly most intricate than just that.

The process starts with leads, or potential customers. Leads can come from two types of marketing. Outbound marketing brings in leads from targeted account lists, outbound calling, trade shows and referrals. Inbound marketing leads come from your business’ marketing outreach, such as social media, e-mail campaigns or your website. Identifying and classifying leads from these two types of marketing forms the basis of sales prospecting.

Why Is Sales Prospecting Important?

Sales prospecting is important because it keeps the sales pipeline full with leads that have the potential to turn into opportunities. Identifying the right kinds of leads is the core of sales prospecting, with the end goal of getting leads turned into prospects, which in turn, turns prospects into customers. A decent mix of inbound and outbound is essential in keeping your sales pipeline full and your salespeople focused on the activities that will drive results.

Identifying the types of leads is important, but more important is targeting key accounts and getting your name and message to the right people in an organization. Cold prospects, or those leads that have been contacted and have shown little interest, warm prospects, or those with an identifiable need for your product but hesitancy to pull the trigger and hot leads, or those that have contacted your business with a desire to buy, make up the spectrum of leads, and none should be ignored. The priority must be targeting businesses with your ideal client profile, creating awareness with the right people in the organization and keeping an eye on the end goal of getting that first meeting.

FRONTLINE Selling Can Help!

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