Whether your company sells intricate software systems or simple SaaS solutions, having a talented sales team is integral to growing and driving the success of your brand. One of the greatest challenges reps face is actually starting the sales cycle through prospecting. Some companies employ business development reps, some rely on inside sales teams, and others choose to outsource sales prospecting. Which is right for you? 

When You Should Outsource

You should consider outsourcing if:

1. You Want to Maximize Your Existing Resources

It’s not always the best option to have your sales team be responsible for both sales prospecting AND selling. Why? Because they are two different skill sets! When you choose to outsource your sales prospecting activities, you enable your sales team to focus solely on selling. You are likely paying a hefty base salary to your sales professionals so you can maximize your ROI by ensuring they are focused on actively working and closing deals.

2. Hiring is Time-Consuming

Hiring an in-house sales team, or even a single salesperson, takes time. Placing ads, phone screens, one-on-one interviews, the 2-week notice and THEN the onboarding and training. It takes 3 months for a new sales rep to ramp up and 9 months to be fully competent. Depending on the length of your sales cycle, it could be over a year before a new rep brings in revenue! 

Choosing to outsource can significantly reduce your time to ROI. We’re not suggesting that outsourced prospecting is cheap – quality organizations are not typically the cost leaders. Of course,  there are pay-for-performance companies, where you only pay for appointments created. But that opens the door for lesser quality meetings, since the company is getting paid for any appointments they set (and thus incentivized by the wrong metrics)! Other available solutions are comprehensive and not just focused on ‘dialing for dollars’ so to speak. Be clear about your desired outcomes, and hold the outsourcing company accountable to meeting those goals.

3. You Need Brand Awareness

When you hire an outside company to prospect, they are 100% focused on reaching out to new targets who likely haven’t heard of you. Every conversation, voicemail and email they leave is a branded touchpoint. If you have sales reps who are prospecting AND selling, the number of outreaches will be reduced, simply due to their need to work active deals to generate revenue. Outsourcing that outreach means your message will be delivered hundreds of times each week, building awareness of your company and your value proposition.

4. Consistency is Critical

The average length of an SDR in a role is 14 months. So if it takes 9 months for them to be productive and they leave at 14 months, that leaves you with a likely negative investment. Not to mention the horror of having to start the hiring process all over again! Outsourcing your prospecting ensure a consistent presence in the market; one you can rely on.

SDRs leaving a role isn’t the only challenge. Vacations, sick days and personal time dramatically impact outbound sales activities. When you outsource, the company is responsible for covering those absences within the team and ensuring someone is always working on your behalf.

When You Shouldn’t Outsource

1. You’re a Start-Up with Few Internal Resources

Starting a business can be a hectic time and you will be wearing many hats. If you outsource sales prospecting and can’t keep up with the meetings they set for you, it’s worse than having no meetings at all. It IS possible to have too much of a good thing! Missed meetings, arriving unprepared for calls or being unable to deliver on promises does more to hurt your reputation than build revenue. Be honest with yourself about what you can handle. It may make more sense to have one or two internal reps prospecting and developing sales at a pace you can comfortably accommodate.

Consider using sales prospecting software or train your in-house sales staff with sales training technology.  

(It would be irresponsible not to mention how many start-ups receive funding and rely heavily on outsourced prospecting in order to ramp quickly. Investment firms tend to push for a quick ROI, one that may be challenging to create when building an internal team.)

2. You Want Greater Control of Your Sales Staff

Outsourcing your sales prospecting is similar to sending your kids off to college. You can still call and Facetime them, but you also have to trust that they are capable of succeeding on their own. Keeping your sales staff in-house is the equivalent of having your children live at home. You can talk to them at any time and guide them through life with face-to-face interaction. You should hire your own salespeople if you want to directly manage or have a closer impact on your staff.

While any reputable company will have regular meetings with you to evaluate progress, it may be difficult for some leaders to lack visibility into daily activity and execution.

3. You Already Have a Large Number of High-Quality Leads

A big portion of a salesperson’s job is finding leads. However, many businesses have a widely known brand and a highly-successful inbound marketing program. If your company is generating a large number of inbound inquiries, it may not be necessary to outsource your sales. Instead of outsourcing, it may make more sense to have one internal sales rep focused on qualifying those inquiries and delivering sales qualified leads to the sales team.

4. You Are Uncomfortable With Virtual Sales Monitoring

One of the cons of outsourcing your sales staff is that your business is one of many clients. While you may have dedicated reps for your account, they are likely not solely focused on your business. And if they aren’t highly qualified or comfortable pitching your value proposition, outsourcing won’t be successful.

Successful outsourcing requires more of a hands-on approach than you may imagine, as that partnership requires consistent input and collaboration to ensure you are on track for your goals. If you aren’t comfortable with reviewing your sales program over the phone or through presentation software, outsourcing isn’t for you. Outsourcing takes a leap of faith and trust in the company you choose, and that simply isn’t possible for some. If you have any question about your ability to commit to this, train your in-house team instead. It will be much more effective for you in the long run.

FRONTLINE Selling provides clients with the ability to launch a prospecting program quickly, with the option to bring our proven methodology and technology ‘in-house’ once you’ve built your internal team. We provide you with the flexibility you need to achieve your unique goals. Let’s discuss your goals and see if we can help!