Last in a five-part series. In my previous four posts, I’ve talked about the earlier stages of social selling maturity.

Now we’re at the apex, the summit, the non plus ultra of social selling.

In this highest stage of social selling maturity, sales organizations use machine learning to analyze empirical data on past success to guide future actions on social. These organizations move beyond generic best practice to “close the loop” on such strategic social selling questions as:

  • Which team members’ success comes from relationships, and why?
  • Which types of content are most effective in influencing won opportunities?
  • Which target companies, roles, and/or geographies are underrepresented or oversaturated on the team’s social graph?
  • At what point in the deal cycle is it most effective for reps to connect with prospects on social networks?
  • Which social networks drive the greatest return for your markets?

ROI perspectiveWhile it’s still early to have empirical data on the ROI of the Optimization stage, PeopleLinx’s study of traditional CRM and other enterprise process improvements suggests that this stage will deliver a total performance improvement of 15-20% for fully mature social selling teams.

Frequency: Social selling optimization is still a forward-looking opportunity, which only 1-2% of today’s B2B sales teams have realized.

You can download the full Social Selling Maturity Model from our website.