Social networks amplify the Challenger Sale and boost performance by 10% to 20%. Does your sales team use them strategically?

According to CEB, the average buyer completes 60% of the decision-making process before contacting a salesperson. Armed with the Internet and social media, today’s buyers are engaging with bloggers, analysts, peers, and your competitors long before they’re in a formal buying process.

With social networking and a sound Social Selling plan, your team can take control of the conversation even outside of the formal buying process. This drives higher close rates and more inbound inquiries from qualified prospects who are already receptive to your Challenger Sale.

Successful salespeople achieve this through a three-step process of online influence:

  • Establish authority. The Challenger Sale works when buyers respect the salesperson as an authority. Effective salespeople create persuasive personal brands by keeping their social profiles up-to-date and engaging in thoughtful online conversations.
  • Build an influence channel. Successful salespeople cultivate their social networks as a strategic asset. They connect relentlessly with prospects, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. That creates an ongoing communication channel through which they can spread their influence.
  • Teach continuously. Social-savvy salespeople use online networks as a vehicle for teaching. They continuously share news articles, white papers, blog posts, and other perspectives that support their framing of the market dynamics. It’s a powerful way to influence existing buyers, and it drives inbound demand from new buyers who are receptive to your messaging.

Social networks are gaining in influence, at the expense of the traditional sit-down sales meeting. You can turn that trend to your advantage by making the Challenger Sale social.

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