[Posted by Ken Paskins August 31, 2015]

If you were alive between 1997 and 2007 you probably felt the positive financial impact of the accumulative effect of both the dot-com boom and the housing boom. Together they created one of the greatest economic upturns in our nation’s history.

Let’s just say that if you had a pulse, you probably could have made money in one of the many industries affected by those two booms. In fact it’s been said that organizations were making their stock prices rise by “prefix investing” which just meant adding an “e-“ or “.com” to their company name.

Exit once in a lifetime fantasy world and enter the real world of hard work and planning.

If you run a sales team and don’t have a definitive plan based on cold hard facts, then you leave hitting quota, making President’s Club or even keeping your job to chance. I don’t know about you, but that’s not a feeling I particularly like!

At FRONTLINE Selling, I don’t leave anything to chance and my sales team is well versed at knowing exactly where to focus their energies to create a predictable pipeline. I’ve asked the team to be on call this week to walk you through exactly how they can help your team meet and exceed quota.

They will even deliver a detailed ROI analysis after your session. To schedule an immediate 20-30 minute conversation and get a custom review of The Quota-Hitting Formula click here. See you at President’s Club!