[Posted by Mike Scher August 5, 2015]

One of the biggest struggles for sales people is getting the prospect to respond. Whether it’s the radio silence you get as a follow-up to a demo or a proposal or trying to get their attention for that first appointment; it is perhaps the most frustrating element of a sales person’s existence.

There is so much advice out there telling sales people how to get responses to their email. My favorite is the old “A/B” test.   Really?   How many sales people do you know that have even done a single A/B test?

A/B testing is time consuming.   Every time you make a change to a even a word, that means another variable, which means another A/B test and another 100 or so emails to track.   If there is a sales person spending all this time on A/B testing; maybe they should get a job in marketing.

If you really want to get people to respond, there is one thing above all others that will work.   It’s an app that is on that little device that you text, email, Facebook, Instagram, play games and fantasy football on. The “app” is called the phone.

If you pick up the phone and call your prospects you will get way more responses to your email. Even if they don’t answer and it rolls to voicemail; leave a message. The more times they hear from you, the higher the response rate.

Especially in a sales pursuit, you deserve better than radio silence. After all, you have spent time learning your prospects’ business, crafting a solution and putting together a proposal. You are entitled to a response. By just sending an email, you are making it too easy for them to move you to the bottom of the list. The same goes for getting that first appointment.

Pick up the phone! You will be surprised by what happens.