If you or your team needs to elevate their sales development rep performance, our VERY experienced team is here to help! From brand new reps to seasoned veterans, here are their top tips for navigating (and nailing!) the challenging world of business development!

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Handling Objections with Ease

My ability to overcome objections has definitely improved over time. Early on I figured out what to say…but no I know how to say it more effectively. I would tell any new DSR that the more you encounter objections, the better you will get It’s one of those things that just gets better with experience!  -Daniel Silva


Continuously Improve

Once a week I pick one thing to improve, whether it’s handling a specific objection, disarming better or being ‘quicker on the draw’ in conversation. I make an effort to tackle that skill while on the phone with every key player dialogue. It helps me feel more prepared and confident in handling any situation. I’m far more articulate because of this commitment to continual practice. – Christine Littlefield


Focus on Quality

I don’t focus on ‘activity’ anymore. I go after MI’s (Meaningful Interactions, which is our definition of a quality first meetings). At first, I was focused on meeting my round quota. Although this is important, I am more focused on securing MI’s and taking my time to do it right. More isn’t always better. Quality first! – Naisson Barton


Sharpen Your Skills

I live and breathe our Simulator from about 7-8am. I get in a solid 1/2 to 45 minutes per day. It gets my mind ready to start making calls and prepares me for my first campaign of the day. Not to mention, if there’s a campaign that I’m struggling with, it is a solid way for me to become as comfortable as possible. – Jacqueline Braun


Stay Organized

To start my day, I do a brain dump onto a fresh sheet of paper and this becomes my to-do list for the day. Throughout the day, I’ll add goals and notes, mark through things and highlight completed tasks. Anything that’s left over gets moved to tomorrow’s brain dump. This keeps me organized and I like to call it my traveling to-do list! – Heather Frady


Learn to “Let it Go”

Just be yourself. Someone might listen to your Value Proposition for no other reason than their favorite nephew’s name is the same as yours. It can be that random! I have a thick Southern drawl. Some people just aren’t going to listen to me because of it, and some will keep listening because they have one too. You can’t do anything about how people connect with or reject you, so just be yourself! – Geoff Smith


Stick to a Routine

I start each day with quality time with my family. Then I take a quick walk with the dogs to clear my head, practice in the Simulator for 5-10 minutes, organize my day and hit the phones! Create a routine that works for you and stick to it because the repetition gets your mind right as the day begins! – Elyse McDowell


Prioritize Your Projects

Being on multiple projects means you have to remember the target number of rounds for each project. I divide my efforts evenly, so that all clients feel the love. I set myself up for success by having my spread mostly covered by Thursday so Friday is a piece of cake! – Mary Van Lerberghe


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