What do you picture when you hear the word “sales?” Do you imagine someone in a suit pointing to a graph on a projector screen? A person making a cold call in a room of cubicles? A group of people working on an email marketing campaign with a strong call to action? During this millennial age, the idea of “sales” has dramatically changed. Online and social selling have become increasingly more important – and even preferred – by many businesses.

What is “Inside Sales”?

Inside sales are transactions that are accomplished without person-to-person interaction. Also known as virtual sales, inside sales are completed via phone, email, web, video conferencing and/or social media. Outside sales, on the other hand, refer to transactions that are done primarily in person.

Benefits of Inside Sales

Inside sales offer a multitude of benefits including cost reductions and time savings.

  • Inside Sales Save Time and Money: On average, outside sales calls cost six times more than the average inside sale. When a salesperson focuses on inside sales, they are able to proactively reach out to multiple leads at once with a much quicker turnaround time. Rather than set up a few in-person sales calls per day, a salesperson can make far more calls and send many more emails within the same time span. This saves substantial time for salespeople, which in turn saves time and money for your business.
  • Inside Sales Put Your Customers First: Your potential customers are busy. Their sole focus is not on your product but rather on running and growing their business. Most often, phone and video conference calls are far easier to set up and more convenient for a potential customer. With online platforms such as your website, LinkedIn and Twitter, your possible buyers can get all the information they need to decide if they want your product. This ease of access provides greater flexibility for a lead and extra time for your sales team.
  • Inside Sales Better Market Your Brand: No human being can be in two places at once. However, with technology, it’s possible – to a degree. You can send an email marketing campaign to thousands of leads simultaneously. A single Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn post can engage your followers and spread the word to millions more people. If you post a YouTube video that goes viral, your brand also goes viral.

Inside sales have a farther reach and make a larger impact than outside sales. It’s not only what prospects prefer, it’s the most efficient and cost-saving option for your sales team. If you need to add inside sales reps but aren’t sure if you have the resources to do so, leverage an ‘outsourced inside sales team’ with Staccato Autopilot.