Imagine you’re a baseball player. What tools do you need to succeed? A solid baseball bat. A comfy mitt. A safe helmet. You’ll also need extensive training and plenty of practice to improve your skills. While the equipment and training regimen may differ, the same applies to being a salesperson.  

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of giving your team members the proper resources, tools, training and/or technology to become better salespeople.

For example, if your sales team is having a hard time getting past the cold calling stage and setting up appointments with leads, you can have your staff practice with a call simulator. This practice tool would be a form of sales enablement since it is aimed at improving the skill set of your staff and ultimately increasing sales.

Why is Sales Enablement Important?

Implementing sales enablement will improve your team’s performance, resulting in a greater number of sales.

Before you provide any training or content, you must first find out which areas require the most attention. Where is your sales team struggling? Is it creating first conversations? Next steps after a Discovery Call? Getting verbal commitments? Closing the deal? This will provide valuable data that you can use to tailor sales enablement resources to support those specific pain points.

Sales enablement puts your entire team on a level playing field. According to a study, 80% of a company’s sales are made by 20% of its salespeople. But by offering uniform sales enablement training, your entire team will have an equal opportunity to sell your product or service. Executives won’t have to solely depend on just a few top-performing salespeople.

Benefits of Sales Enablement

Sales enablement benefits your sales team and overall business by increasing growth and collaboration, in addition to keeping your staff more up to date on sales trends. Sales enablement also:

  1. Leads to Greater Growth: Not only does sales enablement improve a staff member’s performance on an individual level, it amplifies success for your team and entire business. When your sales team is able to close more deals at a faster rate, it increases profits and leads to company-wide expansion.
  2. Helps Your Sales Team Adjust to Current Trends: Selling techniques have rapidly changed over time. If you’re not taking advantage of social selling, you’re falling behind. Salespeople who use social selling meet their quotas 66% more often than those who don’t. Sales enablement informs your staff of the most current selling techniques and provides a competitive edge so your business can stand out in your industry.
  3. Promotes Collaboration: By providing your entire sales team the same training and practice opportunities, as well as the proper resources, you’re providing each member an equal opportunity to succeed. Sales enablement also can promote collaboration between veteran and new salespeople. It fosters greater communication throughout your company – including between the marketing and sales teams that can work together on creating content on how to best sell your product. This will help keep these divisions aligned.

To get started on equipping your team with sales enablement tools – whether that be through new practice methods or lead generation software – explore Staccato Sales Solutions.