our co-founders


Mike Scher

Mike is the co-founder and visionary behind FRONTLINE Selling’s sales prospecting success. With extensive enterprise sales experience, he and co-founder Dan McCann developed the company’s Staccato methodology, which is continually studied and optimized. Mike continues to contribute to FRONTLINE by participating in an active sales role and acting as Chairman of the Board.


Dan McCann

As co-founder, Dan was the integrator for FRONTLINE, ensuring the company’s vision moved forward into reality. With his client-first approach, he was always listening for ways to improve the products. He brought these ideas to life through the development and operational launch of FRONTLINE’s highly successful product ​offerings.

Dan’s passion for life-long learning led him to expand his reach into new avenues. He is currently a FRONTLINE board advisor, leads a Real Estate Investment fund, and is CEO of work-simulation company SymTrain.