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Same outstanding product, same game-changing results!

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Connect with prospects through social like never before.

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PeopleLinx is now FRONTLINE Selling

Mike Scher, Co-Founder of FRONTLINE Selling and Kevin O’Nell, former CEO of PeopleLinx, talk about the acquisition and how FRONTLINE is helping companies more effectively connect and engage with their B2B buyers by taking the guesswork out of prospecting and sales behaviors.

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“Human to human interaction is not dead. But humans don’t ask to be communicated with through only one channel. None of our prospects say ‘I only want to talk to you through phone’. Or ‘I only want to talk to you through email or social.’ What people want is to be delivered the right message, through the channel that is most appropriate at the time. By bringing our two companies together, we are able to offer that technology and methodology solution to each of our clients.” – Kevin O’Nell, SVP FRONTLINE Selling

PeopleLinx Customers

The PeopleLinx customer experience remains the same. You’ll find the same easy-to-navigate platform, same interface and same outstanding service from your team. A couple of important notes:

1. The PeopleLinx product will now be branded as “Staccato Social, powered by PeopleLinx”.

2. You may still use the same login URL as you currently do, or you can log in via the ‘Sign in to PeopleLinx’ button on the FRONTLINE Selling website (, which is located in the upper right corner of every page.

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Build a Sales Team of Top Performers

With Staccato Social, powered by PeopleLinx, reps engage in the right social behaviors, at the right time, to connect with their buyers and close more deals—faster.

✓ Guide best practices to build robust social profiles and networks

✓ Meet self-educating buyers where they are

✓ Connect with CRM to advance and close more deals

✓ Supply reps with company-approved content to share across social networks and email

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