7 Social Selling Must-Dos for Sales and Marketing Leaders

Most sales teams are incorporating social selling into their overall selling process. The challenge for Sales and Marketing leaders is that empowering the organization for social selling is not a quick-fix or one-time training exercise. Teams that are successful define processes, establish consistent messaging, provide coaching, and measure program success.

In this webinar, FRONTLINE Selling EVP Kevin O’Nell and ClearSlide Sr. Director of Partner Alliances Chris Badger will share best practice examples to establish social selling as an integral part of your company’s sales efforts. Both have helped developed successful social selling programs for a variety of organizations.

You’ll learn:

  • The “nuts and bolts” needed to implement social selling
  • How to establish appropriate social selling KPIs
  • The best ways to reinforce (and coach) social selling activity
  • Ways for marketing teams to establish guidelines and play an ongoing role
  • … and more!

Kevin O’Nell, FRONTLINE Selling Executive Vice President
Chris Badger, ClearSlide Senior Director of Partner Alliances

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