B2B Social Selling: Beyond LinkedIn

It seems like LinkedIn is always changing. Capitalize on it.

As we begin 2018, a lot of people are using this time as either a “jumping in” point to start a social selling program or as a reason to more fully integrate it in their sales-related activities. While we all know that LinkedIn is a huge part of social selling, Twitter and other social networks can be used effectively as well.

In this Webinar, we’ll provide you an overview of how to go beyond LinkedIn, Including:

  •      How to use Twitter to search for prospects
  •      The power of Twitter lists
  •      Gauging your Twitter performance
  •      And providing some examples of how companies are using other platforms besides LinkedIn and Twitter for social selling
After viewing this Webinar, you’ll be ready to “take the plunge” and gain even more business by effectively using Twitter and other networks.

Our ON-DEMAND Webinar provides a simple way to identify, communicate, and interact with your sales team, so they can quickly begin implementing these processes, thus, opening doors and closing sales like never before!

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