Combining Traditional and Digital Sales Prospecting Techniques
Salespeople have always differed about the most effective prospecting techniques. While some prefer the traditional route of cold calling, others favor the more modern methods of social selling and/or email marketing. So, which method is truly the best? The answer: all three.

In our webinar, we discuss why a targeted combination of cold calling, social selling and email marketing is the most beneficial technique to reach leads and crush your sales goals. FRONTLINE Co-Founder Mike Scher, Novatech Ventures CEO Brian O’Doherty, and best-selling author Tony Hughes join forces to explain the importance of each prospecting method and how to reach key players during the sales process.

Watch our webinar to learn more about:

  •      The need for a combination of cold calling, email marketing and social selling
  •      How to get appointments through cold calling
  •      How to create a social DNA
  •      How to get meetings with executives
  •      How to build awareness and relationships through social media

Our experts discuss the best ways to generate new leads and meet with key decision-makers, streamlining your sales process and getting you to the closing stage faster. FRONTLINE Selling provides a variety of helpful webinars to improve your prospecting methods and empower your sales team.

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Combining Traditional and Digital Sales Prospecting Techniques

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