Getting More Engagement on LinkedIn: The Latest and Greatest Tips

It seems like LinkedIn is always changing. Capitalize on it.

LinkedIn continually improves their platform to help us in our efforts to gain more business. But occasionally they make updates that aren’t so well received by B2B sellers.

In this ON-DEMAND Webinar, we will help you leverage the good changes and overcome the ‘not-so-good’ to effectively connect and engage with your network. We’ll also touch on a couple of tried-and-true tips that you may not know. Join FRONTLINE Selling’s Meredith Buckley to learn:


  •      How to gain better engagement with your LinkedIn shares
  •      How to leverage the improved LinkedIn Groups
  •      How to maximize the benefits of Messaging
  •      How to turn some of LinkedIn’s not-so beneficial changes to your advantage
  •     … and more!
After viewing this Webinar, you’ll be prepared to engage with your network and sales prospects on LinkedIn like a pro!

Our ON-DEMAND Webinars provide a simple way to identify, communicate, and interact with your sales team, so they can quickly begin implementing these processes, thus, opening doors and closing sales like never before!

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