How to Launch a Social Selling Program for Enterprise Sales Teams

Enterprise teams are embracing Social Selling as a must-have in their sales process. Many have brought in LinkedIn and thought leadership training programs, while others have created goals and maybe even a few key-performance indicators (KPIs) for their sales reps to follow.

By siloing these efforts, though, implementing a productive Social Selling program becomes a big challenge. In this ON-DEMAND Webinar, we will cover the eight essential stages necessary when launching an enterprise-wide Social Selling program:

  1. Defining Desired Outcomes
  2. Buyer Mapping
  3. Developing a Playbook
  4. Writing Templates
  5. Training
  6. Profile Branding
  7. Integrating, Gamifying, Reinforcing and Measuring
  8. Coaching for Improvement

We’ll also discuss the importance of implementing Social Selling trials before a full roll-out.

After viewing this ON-DEMAND Webinar, sales leaders and executives will understand what is necessary to launch a successful social selling program with a measurable return-on-investment (ROI).

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