Inside Sales and Social Selling: A Match that Really Works

On its face, it seems like B2B inside sales and social selling incorporate concepts that in no way mesh with one another. After all, inside sales is all about the phone, and social selling uses LinkedIn, Twitter and so on… right?

Well… they can (and do!) work together. Very well, too. Even if you handle all of the stages in your funnel yourself — taking companies through from leads, to prospects, to closed business — you can use social, the phone and even email together to fill the top of your funnel faster and with more leads.

In this ON-DEMAND Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Specific actions that sales reps should take on social prior to that all-important first call
  • Strategies to identify all stakeholders within an account
  • How to follow up via social after a successful call
  • How inside salespeople can use content in their sales process
  • … and more!

As a part of the Webinar, you’ll receive an Infographic on the seven ways inside sales teams should use LinkedIn.

Whether you’re in sales management or a member of an inside sales team, you’ll get a lot out of this Webinar.

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