Want to KICK START 2018 Sales Revenue RIGHT NOW?
Get cracking on 2018 by learning how to reach and engage with those people with the ultimate power to say “YES”.

This webinar provides 3 must-do’s sales reps must incorporate into their sales processes consistently, to reach key players.  In addition, you will learn how these activities will not only improve the success of one sales rep, but help your entire team effectively.  You will learn:

  1. Navigate through an organization to reach the “yes” person
  2. Book quality appointments during the holidays (Hint: It’s way easier than you think…)
  3. Leverage social to build awareness and kick-start relationships

A big part of generating new sales opportunities and deals involves new sales techniques to disrupt the marketplace.  To be most effective, you need a plan on implementing these new techniques across your entire team so that they can begin sharing and engaging with key decision makers; otherwise, you’ll be committing “random acts of social.”

Our ON-DEMAND Webinar provides a simple way to identify, communicate, and interact with your sales team, so they can quickly begin implementing these processes, thus, opening doors and closing sales like never before!

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