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Case Studies

We help our clients exceed their goals.

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After a promising year in 2017, PMMC wanted to bring in its first sales development representative to increase success in 2018. However, the company wanted to ensure the new hire’s success by providing a better way to connect with prospects. PMMC’s goal was to also create an integrated marketing and sales team.

  • Industry:  Healthcare Financial Services

Results with Staccato PRO

Within two months, Johnny Walker secured nine meetings, or what FRONTLINE calls Meaningful Interactions (MIs), with decision-makers from companies that were strong sales leads. Within the first full quarter, he executed 27 MIs and contacted 17 health systems in our target market. His appointments translated into $1.7 million in our sales pipeline. Now in our second full quarter together, Johnny is on track to create about 30 sales leads and has already generated about $1.2 million in additional pipeline.

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[us_single_image image=”19787″ size=”medium” align=”center”][cl-review quote=”Implementing Staccato has brought true business rhythm to PMMC’s buyer
engagement strategy. It allows our Sales team to deliver our unique insight to
stakeholders in the organizations that matter most.” author=”Fred Sheffield” occupation=”Chief Revenue Officer ” avatar_image=”19788″ type=”quote” layout=”centered” quote_size=”15px” italic=””]


Quorum developed aggressive new marketing goals and began analyzing their lead generation performance. One obstacle was getting new sales employees up to speed quickly. They had brought in two new hires over a six-month period and were ready to hire a third. They wanted to implement a standard sales methodology that would equip new employees to immediately start making phone calls, setting appointments and boost overall lead generation.

  • Industry: Oil/Gas/Energy

Results with Staccato PRO

Since implementing the Staccato methodology in April 2017, Quorum has generated the highest number of leads in the previous four and a half years. In their first month, they got into a huge account and created a $1 million opportunity.

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[us_single_image image=”18573″ size=”us_img_size_1″ align=”center”][cl-review quote=”My team surpassed our goals for the half year with ease. We have more outbound opportunities through June than we had all of 2016. We are currently on pace to hit 190% of plan.” author=”Stuart Smith” occupation=”Business Development Manager” avatar_image=”19574″ type=”quote” layout=”centered” quote_size=”15px” italic=””]


In building a new sales team, T-System needed to ramp quickly, as they had aggressive objectives for the year.  The new team was built based on FRONTLINE doing the lead generation, allowing their sales professionals to focus on nurturing/closing opportunities.

  • Industry: Healthcare Technology Services
  • Sales Team Structure: No inside sales team

Results with Staccato AutoPilot

  • $18M+ in pipeline generated
  • $1.87M closed in the first year
  • 1146% ROI in year 1
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[cl-review quote=”FRONTLINE’s methodology has proven to deliver high quality leads to help build our sales pipeline.” author=”Matt Lang” occupation=” VP of Sales, Revenue Cycle” avatar_image=”19573″ type=”quote” layout=”centered” quote_size=”15px” italic=””]

Oversight Systems 

Oversight Systems was looking for an outsourced demand generation solution. They were exploring a new market and needed a consistent stream of new opportunities for their team. It was also important for them to gain useful information about their value proposition in that market.

  • Industry: Software, Compliance
  • Sales Team Structure: Internal sales team

Results with Staccato

  • 3 years of consistent, predictable pipeline with outsourced demand generation
  • 4+ years (current) using Staccato Pro software (in-house execution of Staccato process)
  • Rapid market intelligence on message resonation with target audience
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[us_single_image image=”19783″ size=”medium” align=”center”][cl-review quote=”After 4 years (using Staccato Pro), we continue to successfully build our pipeline and experience excellent results. I highly recommend FRONTLINE Selling as a long-term solution for any B2B organization’s demand generation challenges.” author=”Patrick Taylor” occupation=”President & CEO” avatar_image=”19572″ type=”quote” layout=”centered” quote_size=”15px” italic=””]

Sacramento Kings 

When the Sacramento Kings reached out to FRONTLINE Selling (then PeopleLinx) in early 2015, they were looking for a solution to help them connect more effectively with their market through social media. They chose FRONTLINE Selling’s Staccato Social platform to effectively onboard new hires, increase brand awareness and reach more potential ticket-buyers.

  • Industry: Professional Sports
  • Sales Team Structure: Both inside sales and business development reps

Result of engagement

The Kings had great success and adoption within their organization, and they expanded use cases to include:

  • Accelerate onboarding
  • Encourage & enable social content sharing
  • Deliver social best practices
  • Provide sales execution tasks
  • Reinforce use of their tool stack
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[us_single_image image=”19784″ size=”medium” align=”center”][cl-review quote=”From the beginning, the partnership with the FRONTLINE Selling team has added a tremendous amount of value to our organization. We have had great success utilizing the platform for the automated onboarding of our sales and service teams. This has dramatically improved efficiencies, and accelerated ramp-up and production.” author=”Phil Horn” occupation=”Sr. Vice President, Sales and Service” avatar_image=”19782″ type=”quote” layout=”centered” quote_size=”15px” italic=””]


Pluris had expanded goals to grow the business, with a specific budget dedicated to acquiring new logos. Historically, much of their business was conducted by word of mouth. However, their significant growth plans dictated the need for more aggressive business development and they didn’t want to invest the resources necessary to hire an inside sales team.

  • Industry: Marketing Services
  • Sales Team Structure: No inside sales team or business development reps

Results with Staccato Autopilot

  • $18 million in pipeline opportunities
  • 6 MI’s resulting in future opportunities
  • 1 closed deal, 1 in contract stage, totaling $2.6 million over 3 years
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[cl-review quote=”In the first 6-8 months, from all of the other channels combined, we generated a quarter of the appointments that FRONTLINE generated. As an organization, 80%-90% our appointments come from FRONTLINE. They ensure we have a measurable and scalable way to grow our top-of-funnel activity, and have absolutely delivered the high-quality appointments we need to grow our business.” author=”Amahl Williams” occupation=” VP of Marketing” type=”quote” layout=”centered” quote_size=”15px” italic=””]


As a start-up, the primary focus was building brand awareness and lead generation. Without an in-house sales team, they needed to create more sales opportunities using proven B2B sales techniques.

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Revenue: $5.2 million
  • Sales Team Structure: Start-up organization with no inside sales team

Results with Staccato

  • Generated more appointments than they could execute, forcing them to reduce contract hours
  • Ramped up sales and lead generation efforts quickly
  • Built brand awareness and value to the marketplace
  • Helped us refine our messaging and uncover the right titles and accounts to find their true target audience
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[cl-review quote=”I loved the team-aspect of having FRONTLINE as part of our fabric as we were initially rolling out. The process forced us to shape our messaging at the outset and identify our value proposition and target audience. FRONTLINE was very helpful in developing and of course, executing, on that messaging.” author=”Harold Mondschein” occupation=”CEO” type=”quote” layout=”centered” quote_size=”15px” italic=””]


Segmint was searching for solutions to shorten their long, complicated sales cycle. They needed to proliferate brand and product awareness in the financial sector, as well as generate new sales opportunities.

  • Industry: Marketing/Financial IT Services

Results with Staccato Autopilot

According to Greg Gruning, CRO, the number of meaningful interactions (appointments) generated was excellent. He gave FRONTLINE very high marks for getting them in front of the right audience and providing the opportunity to make their pitch. They wanted to get their message out as quickly and efficiently as possible, and FRONTLINE helped them do that. In addition, they experienced success converting those opportunities into business.

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[us_single_image image=”18304″ size=”us_img_size_1″ align=”center”]
[cl-review quote=”FRONTLINE has had significant success helping organizations with complex sales, where multiple people are involved, and that’s exactly what we needed. I’m a believer in what FRONTLINE does.” author=”Greg Gruning” occupation=”Chief Revenue Officer” type=”quote” layout=”centered” quote_size=”15px” italic=””]

Array Health

In building a new sales team, Array Health (now GetInsured) needed to ramp quickly, as they had aggressive objectives for the year.  The new team was built based on FRONTLINE doing the lead generation, allowing their sales professionals to focus on nurturing/closing opportunities.

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Sales Team Structure: Small inside sales team focused on closing deals, not business development

Results with Staccato AutoPilot

  • Reached the goals for phase 1 of the project within 90 days of launch
  • Positive feedback from prospects and clients on the professionalism of the FRONTLINE team
  • 28 high-quality appointments set in a secondary campaign
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[cl-review quote=”I was initially concerned that FRONTLINE’s reps wouldn’t have the technical know-how to speak intelligently about our product and wouldn’t accurately represent the brand by getting caught in a sales conversation they weren’t prepared to handle. But with the Staccato methodology, that wasn’t a problem at all because those calling on our behalf don’t have to be the masters of our product; they are the masters of our message. They don’t sell for us — they simply get our reps to that first conversation, which has been a real challenge for us.” author=”Lance Hood” occupation=”VP of Marketing” type=”quote” layout=”centered” quote_size=”15px” italic=””]