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Stuart Smith, Business Development Manager,
Quorum Business Solutions

Amahl Williams, VP of Marketing

“We chose FRONTLINE because we had tried unsuccessfully to build a highly productive internal team. We just didn’t have the expertise or bandwidth to focus our energy on training and maintaining a full-time lead generation team. FRONTLINE came recommended by one of my team members and I’ve been very pleased with the results and the FRONTLINE team. Our Account Manager is very attentive and consistently delivers detailed reporting. We’re almost 4 months in and have recently hit the run rate of the net new first conversations that we needed.”
Mike Bechtel (formerly of OneView){OneView remains a client}

{OneView remains a client}

Just as we integrate with our customers, we consider FRONTLINE an integral part of our ongoing market development approach. Our teams perform together as one group, efficiently and collaboratively. Most importantly for us as a growing company, FRONTLINE works diligently to represent our message, our brand and our culture in a manner consistent with our values and those of our potential partners.
Steve Bence

Chief Growth Officer, TrellisRx

Implementing Staccato has brought true business rhythm to PMMC’s buyer engagement strategy. Activating the Social DNA in our target market has simplified the process of engaging Mobilizers, directly allowing our Sales team to deliver our unique insight to stakeholders in the organizations that matter most.

Fred Sheffield

(formerly of) PMMC

We continue to use FRONTLINE because they are the best at what they do and this program eliminates the need for recruiting, training or retaining business development staff. They effectively pursue targeted accounts on our behalf and develop a solid pipeline, which enables my team to focus their time on advancing and closing business.

Matt Lang

(formerly of ) RevCycle+

FRONTLINE delivered on the suggested number of appointments they would set up each month and the effect was cumulative, month over month, as they became more comfortable with EdgeTheory solutions. They communicated results each month and their Staccato Methodology almost takes setting up quality interactions to a science. I would recommend the FRONTLINE team to any young or not so young company looking to increase the quality of their prospect reach quickly. They are a very professional group and well worth the investment. Two thumbs up!
Fred Giordano

SVP, Global Sales and Support

If we had to pick one word to describe FRONTLINE, it would be effectiveness. There are many lead generation companies that try to do what FRONTLINE does, but they don’t have the proven methodology to set them apart.
Jerry McKenzieMedAssist

Director of Marketing and Sales Operations

FRONTLINE Selling is a valuable growth partner for Verto Advisors, as our clients often struggle to understand their product/message/market fit to consistently generate first sales conversations and build quality pipeline. We work collaboratively with FRONTLINE to leverage data and insights to optimize messaging, analyze learnings and quickly gain traction in target markets. Their process rapidly ramps sales resources to full productivity, enabling us to focus on closing the gap between marketing and sales to create a predictable revenue stream.

Paul Shiman


After 4 years using Staccato Pro, we continue to successfully build our pipeline and experience excellent results. I highly recommend FRONTLINE Selling as a long-term solution for any B2B organization’s demand generation challenges.

(Click here for Oversight System’s full success story. They initially leveraged our outsourced demand generation team, but over time we trained their internal team to take over business development, which they continue to do successfully today.)

Patrick Taylor

(formerly of) PMMC

I used to teach my clients my own version of outbound prospecting and top of the pipeline management, but with uneven success. I partner with FRONTLINE Selling because their prospecting process provides consistent, outstanding results. When a client tells me that they are having trouble getting into enough opportunities, I immediately connect them with FRONTLINE Selling. Nobody does it better than FRONTLINE.

Adam Shapiro


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