Webinar Series: The Sales Cycle – From Start to Finish

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Your Hosts:

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Adam Shapiro

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Jason Stone

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Webinar Series: How to Navigate Your Sales Cycle

From researching prospects to closing deals with decision-makers, your sales cycle requires multiple steps to get to the finish line. We explain how to navigate each stage in your sales process and how to handle the most common setbacks and objections from your lead in this on-demand webinar sales training series.

Session 1 – Starting Your Sales Cycle with Prospecting

Prospecting is the first step in your sales cycle. Before you reach out to sell your product or service, you need to find out who to sell it to. Find the best ways to reach out to businesses, get around gatekeepers and leave the best voicemails. We also offer tips on social selling.

Session 2 – Executing the First Call

Making contact with your prospect is a crucial step in your sales process. Learn how to prepare for your call and what questions you should ask. Find out how to qualify your prospect as well.

Session 3 – Moving the Sale Forward

Now that your sales cycle is in full swing, it’s time to keep the momentum going. We discuss how you should be setting up the next steps after your first call. We explain how creating a sense of urgency for your prospect is important and what to do if a lead goes silent.

Transcription available for download here
Session 4 – Overcoming Objections and Moving Stalled Deals

It’s common for prospects to have objections to your product or service. We go over some of the most common concerns, including how to handle potential clients who previously had bad sales experiences and ones who continually delay decision-making.

Transcription available for download here

Session 5 – Closing Deals with Multiple Decision Makers

We’ve made it to the end of the sales cycle. It’s time to close your sales deal – but a lot can stand in your way. Find out how to effectively communicate with multiple decision-makers. We’ve also laid out what you can do if more objections arise, such as debates over terms and pricing.

Transcription available for download here

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