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The Staccato Sales Solution

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Despite what you have heard, cold calling isn’t dead.

Nor is cold email. And social selling isn’t the only way to sell these days. Leveraging only one channel of communication and bombarding prospects with messages, hoping to 'break through', leads to pipeline disaster. Hope is not a strategy!

The Staccato sales solution strategically combines social, digital and human to human outreach to optimize outreach efforts. It’s not a volume approach to prospecting. We focus on aggregating quality touches, impactful rounds of activity and consistent, professional follow-up.

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Builds familiarity through
multiple channel approach

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Generates predictable
pipeline and outcomes

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Delivers a consistent,
concise branded message every time

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Creates and nurtures leads
and increases conversions

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In-House Solution vs. Outsourced Demand Generation

Why Should You Have to Choose?

The Staccato Suite of Solutions is customizable to the demand generation solution that drives the outcomes you desire.

Our most successful customers choose the 'best of both worlds'!

With our Customer Success Model, you can:

  • Ramp quickly with our experienced outsourced sales team
  • Fill immediate pipeline gap
  • Refine target lists

And when you’re ready....

  • Procure our software
  • Train your internal team
  • Perfect prospecting techniques
  • Launch when your team is ready

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Why FRONTLINE Selling?


  • Deliver a technology-driven process based on the initial study of 1.8 million outreach efforts
  • Leverage a proven sales prospecting process that is predictable, repeatable and scalable
  • Increase market visibility and brand awareness through Key Player engagement
  • Gather industry and audience insights to better optimize messaging and campaigns


  • Live by our Core Values: Lead by Example, Align with Clients, Pursue Excellence
  • Create results-focused strategies that drive the outcomes that matter to you
  • Constantly search for opportunities to optimize your outreach
  • Retain 80% of our clients because our results reflect our commitment to success

Hear what our clients say...

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