we produce results

FRONTLINE Selling was created for one purpose: to produce authentic conversations that matter by delivering Meaningful Interactions (MI); meaningful conversations with a meaningful person at a meaningful time inside target accounts

scale top of funnel activity

Effective outbound Lead Generation is the fastest way to connect with prospects to create authentic conversations that matter.


engage your audience – faster

deliver more high-quality first conversations so your reps can sell more

strengthen existing lead generation efforts

amplify your brand awareness and gain actionable market insights

execute MI’s with ease

coach reps on first-call performance to increase conversions
Watch this short video to learn why our process is so effective.

find your target

With an average of 6-10 people involved in B2B buying decisions, getting the attention of one key player isn’t enough.

Our process touches multiple titles to build brand awareness and interest within the potential buying group. When we leverage the “Social DNA” of an organization, the titles we engage actually help us navigate to the person in charge of solutions like yours.

scale your resources

We act an extension of your Sales team; one that can accommodate the agile nature of your business. Prospecting efforts can be dialed up or down, depending on your needs.

flexible resource allocation


measured productivity

optimize outbound message

Our outbound prospecting message serves a different purpose than your marketing message. It must resonate with people of influence, who are challenged by the problem you solve.

expert message translation


real-time market feedback

support long-term strategy

If your ultimate goal is to bring business development in-house, the FRONTLINE Guided Performance Solution (GPS) provides all the tools and support you need to create MI’s the same way we do.

MI execution support


success for in-house reps

Proving skeptics wrong since 2002

We produce an Authentic Lead – A Meaningful Interaction with a meaningful person at a meaningful time. Your Sales team may be hesitant to believe that they’ll receive high-quality conversations. But we relish the opportunity to prove that we can, and will, connect you with prospects who are genuinely interested in learning more about your solution.