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Our Guided Performance System (GPS)

The FRONTLINE Selling GPS delivers customized content to guide, educate and recommend activities that elevate sales success.

What It Provides

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Guided Prospecting Activities

Staccato, our technology-driven process, provides a ‘blueprint’ for how to uncover and engage prospects in your target accounts. Reps will no longer guess at what to do next because the GPS leads the way!

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Proper Execution of First Call

All the hard work of creating that first meaningful conversation is wasted if the call is executed poorly. The GPS delivers an entire curriculum on executing that conversation, including a customizable ‘Call Simulator’ to practice new skills.

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Social Content Library

Adding your company-approved content to the Article Library enables reps to easily share content and actively engage with prospects on social media sites. You can even create status updates for LinkedIn posts so they simply copy and paste your desired content!

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Best Practices and Recommendations

Reps receive individual sales recommendations based on their active opportunities in Salesforce. Deal stalled out? The GPS recommends a way to reconnect. Deal gets closed? The GPS can remind them to send a personalized thank you note. It’s a personal assistant throughout the sales process!

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Easy Onboarding

Whether you’re onboarding a new sales tool (such as Sales Navigator), a new employee or releasing a new product, there is no faster way to get your team up to speed than with the GPS. Deliver initial and ongoing direction via customized recommendations for quick and lasting adoption.

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It's a GPS for sales prospecting success. Want to learn more?

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