Analytics & Reporting


Analyze the Metrics that Matter

Sales prospecting success should be measured in quality, not just quantity. Our reporting focuses on the activity that impacts outcomes.

  • Branded touches
  • Key Player touches
  • Accounts penetrated
  • Rounds of activity
  • Database enrichment
  • Round to MI ratio

Typical Client Performance Metrics & Outcomes

Based on 12 month engagement
Equivalent to 1.5 FTR (Full Time Resource)

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Next-Level Visibility with MI Recaps

The cornerstone of a successful sales process is visibility to data to gain a deeper understanding of performance and outcomes.

When you leverage our managed services program, Autopilot, MI Recaps are provided for every call we secure for you. The MI (Meaningful Interaction) Recap is a transcription of each conversation, delivered via email to anyone you designate. It's a window into your sales calls!

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Coach Reps for Success

  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Ensure proper message delivery
  • Identify trends in successful vs. unsuccessful conversations

Gain Market Intelligence

  • Gain visibility into how messaging is resonating
  • Understand prospect challenges by hearing it in their own words
  • Enable marketing to target messaging more specifically to prospect
    pain points

Continuous Data Review

We analyze outcomes regularly for program optimization to ensure we are consistently tracking towards your goals.

  • Conduct Connect Calls to analyze and discuss performance metrics
  • Identify opportunities to optimize messaging, review lead source, or target different titles
  • Quarterly Business Reviews for program insight and analytics

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