Sales Prospecting

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We Deliver Meaningful Sales Conversations

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FRONTLINE Selling was created for one purpose: To remove the burden of sales prospecting from B2B organizations. Trust our experience, commitment and partnership to help you achieve the outcomes you need for opportunity growth.

Leverage Our Expertise

Prospect with Precision

Executing effective top of funnel activity with a data-driven methodology is what we do better than anyone else.
Our process creates a Meaningful Interaction – a 20-30 minute calendared conversation with a meaningful person, at a meaningful time. We never badger someone into a meeting and never set a meeting with anyone just willing to take a call!
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Find Your Target

With an average of 6-10 people involved in B2B buying decisions, getting the attention of one key player isn’t enough.
Rarely is just one person involved in decision-making, so our process touches multiple titles to build brand awareness within the potential buying group.
This prevents a single-point of failure by providing a multi-threaded approach, which paves the way for a smoother sales process.

Optimize Your Message

Your sales prospecting message should not be the same as your marketing message.  It’s not that your marketing message isn’t effective: It just serves a different purpose.
We expertly translate your message into a value proposition that resonates with people of influence, who are challenged by the problem you solve.
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Scale Your Resources

Prospecting efforts can be dialed up or down depending on your needs. With a dedicated prospecting team, resources are always available.
Our most successful clients run several programs concurrently to maximize awareness and opportunity creation.

Analyze Data & Insights

Partnership is the foundation of our success. Our mutual commitment to continuously obtain and analyze real-time market feedback enables us to optimize, adjust and even pivot if market conditions change.
Collaboration is the heart and soul of a successful program with FRONTLINE Selling!
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You've Worked Hard to Create Your Brand

When hiring a sales prospecting company they are an extension of your brand. And your brand should be protected. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Permission-Based Approach

Our skilled, certified team executes a professional process conducted with persistence, not ‘sheer force’. Our team:
  • Has the experience and confidence to call into the very top of any organization
  • Engages with multiple titles to increase your awareness
  • Delivers first conversations only when a genuine interest exists
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