Sales Training

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Sales Training Like No Other

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Master Prospecting with Our Unique Sales Training

Sales training includes a powerful combination of technology and the ‘human touch’
to deliver training that sticks. Your team will learn to prospect and execute first conversations more effectively by working with our certified, professional trainers. And our customizable Call Simulator can be accessed on any device, at any time, for ongoing and on-demand training.

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Learn to prospect like pilots learn to fly...
through simulation

Unlike typical sales training courses where the sales trainer simply tells reps what to do, our Call Simulator allows reps to practice nearly every possible scenario BEFORE making their first call.

Prospect calling and first call execution becomes ‘muscle-memory’ and reps are more relaxed and confident in their outreach, leading to dramatically increased success rates.

  • Ongoing training for continual reinforcement
  • Customizable simulations for everything from initial outreach to 'Discovery Call' execution
  • Manager access to simulation analytics for coaching
  • Emotion analytics to assess message delivery

Listen to Mike Scher, co-founder of FRONTLINE Selling, discuss why training through simulation ensures flawless prospecting, every time.