The Staccato Sales Prospecting Solution

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The Staccato Sales Solution

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Sales teams struggle to hit quota because they can’t create enough first business conversations with the right people.

So they search for better ways to reach their buyers, only to consistently hear:

  • The cold call is dead
  • Emails get lost in overflowing inboxes
  • Social selling is a waste of time

Which of these methods will actually help reps reach quota?

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In order to engage today’s buyers, reps must leverage every type of communication to create a ‘cluster’ of touches that dramatically increases the likelihood of gaining their time and attention. It’s a waste of time to bombard a contact with calls or simply send LinkedIn connection requests and wait for the opportunities to appear.

Your organization needs a technology-driven process that provides the blueprint for how to leverage social, email and human-to-human outreach to consistently reach and engage with your buyers.

You need Staccato.

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[cl-review quote=”After more than 4 years of using Staccato Pro, we continue to successfully build our pipeline and experience excellent results. I highly recommend FRONTLINE Selling as a long-term solution for any B2B organization’s demand generation challenges.” author=”Patrick Taylor” occupation=”President & CEO, Oversight Systems” type=”quote” layout=”framed” bg_color=”#26465c” text_color=”#ffffff” italic=”1″]

The Staccato Difference

  • Eliminates guesswork with a proven, repeatable, teachable sales prospecting process
  • Coaches reps on the right sales behaviors each day, including specific actions based on their current prospects and opportunities
  • Guides teams to create LinkedIn profiles that gain attention from prospects
  • Makes social content sharing a breeze with company-approved article library
  • Gets reps to full productivity quickly using a powerful Call Simulator
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[us_cta title=”Pricing & Options To Meet Your Goals” title_tag=”h3″ title_size=”45px” color=”custom” bg_color=”#26465c” text_color=”#ffffff” controls=”bottom” btn_link=”url:%2Fcontact|||” btn_label=”contact us” btn_size=””]Whether you want to outsource sales prospecting or train your internal team (or both!) we have a customized solution to meet your prospecting goals.[/us_cta]

Staccato is the most effective way to engage your B2B buyer.